An interview with young writer Kirstie Rhys
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Today I have the privilege of interviewing Kirstie Rhys, a young writer. She shared about why she loves writing, and also has some really good advice to share about getting better at writing. I hope you enjoy this as much … Read More

Hope for Young Writers
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Writing isn’t easy. As a young author, I’ve known the struggles and hardships of chasing this dream. I have faced the fear of failure, the uncertainty of learning to write well, and the bewildering challenge of finding an audience to … Read More

Promises every writer makes
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When someone picks up a book and begins to read, there are a few things that they subconsciously expect. These expectations must be fulfilled or the reader will likely put the book down. Every writer is making certain promises to … Read More

November Discoveries
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Last’s months experiment with National Novel Writing Month didn’t turn out well. The sum of my writing in November was 3,075 words That’s about 46,925 words short of the 50,000 total goal for National Novel Writing Month. I didn’t make … Read More

Novel Announcement
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This year I have decided at the last minute to participate in National Novel Writing Month. As it was a last minute decision, I had no time to develop any novel outlines for a new story. So instead I am … Read More

Meet Benjamin West
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Meet Benjamin West, a seven year old innkeepers’ son, the youngest of ten. Since a young age Benjamin has been raised as a Quaker. He was taught the scriptures and a healthy fear or reverence of God. Benjamin is a … Read More

An interview with young writer Charis Rae
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Today I have the privilege of interviewing Charis Rae, a young writer. She has some really good advice to give about writing and also shares about her awesome work in progress. I hope you enjoy it as much as I … Read More

The Simplicity of Sangadarish
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Have you ever had trouble trying to pronounce a word? With all the different sounds that single letters can represent, proper pronunciation can be very tricky. In modern American English A’s, O’s, U’s & Y’s have three sounds, while C’s, … Read More

Sara Winters quote
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No author can write for everyone. It just doesn’t work that way. But we still write because there is someone out there who will be blessed by our words. We never know how many lives we will touch, we only … Read More

A writer’s favorite subject
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Until recently, I had a favorite subject. Of course it fluctuated, but I still had a favorite. Until recently. Before I decided to pursue writing seriously, and realized a few things, I favored certain subjects. I soon learned that there … Read More