The Battle of Desolation

Inspired by the Magician’s Nephew by C. S. Lewis, The Battle of Desolation is set in Charn, a large empire that is spreading its talons across the entire world. Emerald, the rightful heir to the throne has been forced to become a fugitive because of her own sister, Jadis. Upon fleeing to Shalomnd, Emerald learns to forgive her sister for everything she did to her. Emerald trains to become a ranger, but Continue reading “The Battle of Desolation”

First project: The Battle of Desolation

For about seven months The Battle of Desolation, Cliff’s Brink’s first project has been in the works. It started out as a school project, to write a short story. But it grew into a short chapter book, perfect for children and adults to read easily and enjoy.

The story is based off of the world of Charn. In the Magician’s Nephew by C. S. Lewis, Polly Plumber, and Digory Kirk, visit the now empty world of Charn. Continue reading “First project: The Battle of Desolation”