Psalm 43: Jael Draikdan
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  Recently I read Psalm 43, and couldn’t help but think of Jael Draikdan‘s story. I was amazed. Jael could have been the author of Psalm 43. The words told Jael’s story, and showed her heart.         … Read More

Meet Jael Draikdan
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Meet Jael, a nine year old dragon trainers’ daughter. Since her parents are both dragon trainers, she grew up training dragons. It takes a lot of energy, skill, and brains. Jael is outstanding at training dragons, loves doing it, and … Read More

Where did the hobbits come from?
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Hobbits are shorter than humans, by about two-three feet. They also have some curious practices that set them apart from humans. But contrary to modern opinion, they are not non-human, they are an ethnicity or subcategory of humans. The name … Read More

Fiction blog launch
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As I’ve grown as a writer, I’ve come to realize that a blog to write about my stories would be perfect for improving my writing. It would also get my writing out into the world so people can read it … Read More

Welcome to Emandrais
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In a whole other universe that can’t be reached no matter how far you travel in ours, there is a system of planets around the star Remdoa. If you were to somehow visit that solar system you would see that … Read More

Language of Mystery and Legend
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Emandrais is a world different from ours. Not only is their time different, for one can never know how much time has passed in Emandrais when on Earth, but the animals can talk. Not that they can automatically speak in … Read More

Dolvus quote
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This quote of Dolvus is from Heirs of the Creed from The Annals of Emandrais series. Heirs is in the works now.

The Battle of Desolation
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Inspired by the Magician’s Nephew by C. S. Lewis, The Battle of Desolation is set in Charn, a large empire that is spreading its talons across the entire world. Emerald, the rightful heir to the throne has been forced to … Read More

First project: The Battle of Desolation
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For about seven months The Battle of Desolation, Cliff’s Brink’s first project has been in the works. It started out as a school project, to write a short story. But it grew into a short chapter book, perfect for children … Read More