First project: The Battle of Desolation

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For about seven months The Battle of Desolation, Cliff’s Brink’s first project has been in the works. It started out as a school project, to write a short story. But it grew into a short chapter book, perfect for children and adults to read easily and enjoy.

The story is based off of the world of Charn. In the Magician’s Nephew by C. S. Lewis, Polly Plumber, and Digory Kirk, visit the now empty world of Charn. Nothing living is to be found until, Digory strikes a bell, and the Empress Jadis awakes from a charmed sleep.

Jadis tells them how it all ended. How she ended it. She broke a covenant that she was bound to not even seek knowledge of the Deplorable Word. The Deplorable word would kill every living thing, except the speaker, when Jadis broke yet another promise not to use any magic in a civil war.

Needless to say Jadis has told us that she is a liar. So when I wrote The Battle of Desolation, I assumed that there was a whole other side of the story that has not been told. Below is a snip it of The Battle of Desolation, soon to be released.

“It all started last week when Jael slipped into my room at midnight.” she began….“She locked the door and not too gently woke me up. She explained that Jadis, that’s my younger sister, was plotting to kill me, and my brothers Isaras, Abscar, and Balak, so that she could be the Queen. Jadis was the youngest of the five you see, so there was virtually no chance of her becoming Queen unless the rest of us died suddenly.”…“Jael started on her way to the north gate, after a final farewell. I left the south gate without mishap, but heard soldiers on horseback charging north. Matea continued, trying to keep to the shadows. After zig-zaging for a while she climbed a hill to find our bearings. Then I heard the chilling cry: ‘Emerald is dead!’ I squeezed as hard as I could, and Matea ran like the wind.

She did not consider her destiny; Therefore her collapse was awesome; She had no comforter. -Lamentations 1:9a

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  1. Wolf

    This snippet tells about an army without magic — by faith alone.