Language of Mystery and Legend

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Emandrais is a world different from ours. Not only is their time different, for one can never know how much time has passed in Emandrais when on Earth, but the animals can talk. Not that they can automatically speak in human languages, but rather there is one original language which in times past, all men, animals, hobbits, sea creatures, and dragons spoke. That language is Sangadarish.

Sangadarish is the oldest language in Emandrais, and the most wide spread. Yet very few people know about it, or can speak it fluently. All the tongues that are used commonly today in Emandrais have their roots in this language. Of course, they don’t look very similar any more because they have changed so much from the original.

We don’t know very much about this ancient tongue of Sangadarish. It is hard to learn much about it when very few people understand it. But hopefully some of its mysteries will be found out one day. And maybe, just maybe, some of the mysteries of Emandrais itself will be uncovered.

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