Welcome to Emandrais

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In a whole other universe that can’t be reached no matter how far you travel in ours, there is a system of planets around the star Remdoa.

If you were to somehow visit that solar system you would see that among the planets there are two that follow the same course around the star. One of the twin planets leads in front with the other following it on their endless circuit around the sun.

As you enter the atmosphere of the first twin you would see that the planet has some features very similar to Earth. You would start to see the mountain ranges, archipelagoes, oceans, deserts, forests, plateaus, and valleys.

Welcome to Emandrais, home of men, dragons, talking beasts, sea creatures, hobbits, and giants. Breath in the air, gaze at the wonder, and feel the rich history of a world older than ours. Emandrais is full of adventure waiting to happen.

Welcome to the world where The annals of Emandrais series happen. Get ready for the wonder, thrill, terror, excitement, adventure, and deep meaning found in Emandrais.


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