Meet Jael Draikdan

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Meet Jael, a nine year old dragon trainers’ daughter. Since her parents are both dragon trainers, she grew up training dragons. It takes a lot of energy, skill, and brains. Jael is outstanding at training dragons, loves doing it, and thought that she would be a dragon trainer when she grew up.

But that was before her parents disappeared on a trip to sell dragons. One day some government officials told her that since her parents had died, their ranch was now government property. She could no longer live on the ranch. They tried to make her feel better by letting her choose where she wanted to go. So she suggested the most prestigious school in Charn, Yisig. Gladly the officials arranged an interview, so even though she wasn’t royalty, she could enroll.

Then, the night before the trip to Charn, she changed her mind and decided to give up her once in a lifetime chance to go Yisig. Instead, she decided to find out the truth about what happened to her parents. So she’s on the run from the government. It’s just Jael and her loyal dog Marjory.

Jael is the main character in Heirs. She is an “unsung hero” in The Annals of Emandrais.

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