A writer’s favorite subject

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Until recently, I had a favorite subject. Of course it fluctuated, but I still had a favorite. Until recently. Before I decided to pursue writing seriously, and realized a few things, I favored certain subjects.

I soon learned that there is a lot more to writing than a pen and paper. It’s hard work! The absolute basics of writing are language grammar, spelling and penmanship or typing. But there are many more subjects necessary to excellent writing. To write about something, you have to know about something.

Creating a world? Astronomy, zoology, botany, oceanography, biology, geography, and geology are a good start to making a believably realistic world.

Painting a landscape? Many small pieces of science and geography each work together to make unique vibrant landscapes.

Constructing buildings to house the action? Without a good grasp of math, geometry, and architecture it’s not going to stand the pressure.

Making a villain? The Bible, and some false world religions will help you understand what’s wrong with his thinking, and make it convincingly twisted and villainous.

Crafting a plot? History, theology, the Bible, and life experience will all help you understand how people think and what they do because of what they think.

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into writing. All the subjects go into it. None of them is unrelated. On the contrary, they all interrelate to each other. They all proceed from God, and they all point back to Him. The only reason we have specific subjects is so that finite humans can grasp the infinite God.

The subjects are reflections of God’s character; each one shows us a part of who He is. To eliminate one is like taking one of God’s characteristics away. It doesn’t work. It leaves you with an incomplete, false picture of reality.

As a writer, I don’t have a favorite subject. I have grown to like them all. Why? You see, if I want to write about a bunch of different types of people, places, things and activities without doing it horribly, I have to know about all the subjects. I try to excel at all of them, because I must to be a good writer.