Welcome to Felkice

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In the north of Emandrais, along the Beolic gulf coast lies the kingdom of Felkice. A ruggedly beautiful land, it stands roughly northeast from the capital city of Charn.
It is a land covered in vivid color. With mountain ranges, rivers, and miles of sea coast this land has captivated the awe of many people since the time it was discovered. The Creol mountain range sprawls from the north to the south along its coast.
The Felkic people who dominate the land have deep roots. They live in small communities, mostly untouched by the rest of the world. Due to the roughness of travel throughout the land it is not uncommon for a Felk to live in the same village their whole life. Felkic communities are tight knit, almost like small tribes.
It is here, in the Creol mountains, that a multi-country conspiracy began. A conspiracy that would soon engulf many individuals and cause them to contemplate the possibility of a one world regime.
Felkice is a major location in Heirs of the Creed.

Photo by Phil Botha on Unsplash

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