The novel I am working on right now is called Heirs of the Creed. Heirs is from The Annals of Emandrais series. The story follows Jael Draikdan, a nine year old dragon trainer’s daughter, as she seeks to find out the truth of what happened to her parents.

“I don’t think your parents are really dead.”
“What makes you say that?”
Marjory lifted her head, scanned the room, and sniffed the air as if to make sure no one else was listening, then pushed her nose close to Jael’s ear.
“While Kacy was outside getting you to come talk to the government officials, I listened to their conversation,” whispered Marjory. “I had been asleep, so I pretended to continue. I woke up in the middle of the conversation and heard the younger one say something about getting paid a good chunk for this assignment. The older one answered something along the lines of ‘Just so long a we can convince her of our story.’ The younger nodded and said ‘It would never do if she found out the truth.’ That is why I don’t think your parents are dead. They were up to something, and it wasn’t for your good either.”
-Heirs of the Creed


Currently I am approximately 20% done with the first draft of Heirs.