Novel Announcement

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This year I have decided at the last minute to participate in National Novel Writing Month. As it was a last minute decision, I had no time to develop any novel outlines for a new story. So instead I am continuing writing Heirs of the Creed as my National Novel Writing Month novel.

The total goal of writing a novel during National Novel Writing Month is 50,000 words. That’s one big goal! Divided into daily amounts that leaves me with a daily goal of 2,000 words, or about one chapter.

Already, I am feeling the overwhelming weight of such a goal. I have barely written 2,000 words over the last 12 days. I’m going to have to concentrate more if I am going to meet my goal of 50,000 words by the end of November.

For this reason I will not be posting anything until after the end of November. But hopefully, if all goes well, I will have much to share! If I write even 25,000 words, half of the total goal, I will have written enough of Heirs to begin looking for Alpha readers.

Heirs summary:


When officials come to inform Jael that her parents have disappeared on a dragon-selling expedition, and that the Draikdan’s ranch is now government property, Jael’s world as she knows it crumbles. Officials take over the Draikdan’s ranch, relocating the rest of the ranch crew, but Jael and her dog Marjory run away in search of the truth.

Through a wild adventure filled with mystery and suspense Jael not only learns to move beyond the pain of her loss, but uncovers an international scheme involving hundreds of dragons, a land called Felkice, a power hungry prince of Charn, and Jael herself.

I hope you have a wonderful month, filled with adventure and overflowing with thankfulness for all the blessings we have.