Hope for Young Writers

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Writing isn’t easy. As a young author, I’ve known the struggles and hardships of chasing this dream. I have faced the fear of failure, the uncertainty of learning to write well, and the bewildering challenge of finding an audience to share my writing with. But I have also experienced the confidence and boldness that comes through knowing what to do to grow.

I am not alone. Many young writers face the same challenges I did. Just like me, they need guidance and encouraging support to be able to thrive. They need someone who has been there to show them the way.

There are countless websites, books, pamphlets and courses out there to help writers grow–no matter what age they are. The problem is, young writers like me have a hard time deciding which ones will help best, and which are a waste of time. So I’m going to share 3 websites that are designed specifically to help young writers.


The Young Writer

The Young Writer is a brand new website designed to specifically help young writers of both fiction and non-fiction grow and succeed. The Young Writer focuses not so much on specific advice and guidance, but on an overall strategy. They want to show young writers where they are, and point out the areas that they need to work on to hone their craft and get published. The Young Writer does that through:

I also hear that there are going to be some more free goodies (like the guidebook) released soon that you won’t want to miss out on!

The Rebelution

The Rebelution is a website that challenges young people to rebel against low expectations and do hard things for the glory of God. They seek to encourage and empower Christian teens to do what God is calling them to do, whether that is writing a book, caring for orphans, or sharing the gospel. The Rebelution helps young aspiring writers grow by:

  • Cultivating deep thought through their articles.
  • Providing a platform to reach their audience.
  • Inspiring excellence in writing by reading great writing.


Kingdom Pen

Kingdom Pen is a website that equips young adults to write fiction for Christ. Kingdom Pen focuses on providing specific advice for each step of growing as a writer. They want to equip young writers to avoid the common pitfalls of writing and strive to write with excellence to point others to Christ through their words. Kingdom Pen does that by providing:

  • Articles about everything from world building to ethics.
  • Online courses designed to extensively cover certain aspects of writing a novel.
  • Videos to help you avoid cliches and create an unforgettable novel.
  • Personal coaching from experienced writers to address specific struggles to help you grow.

They also accept submissions from promising young authors to help them gain more confidence and publicity.


Writing isn’t easy, but there is hope for the young confused writer. The best way you can help the young writers in your life is to pray for them and support them. Pray for them to write what God puts on their hearts. Help them quit dabbling and get serious by sharing these resources with them. Then watch out, it may spark a fire!